AUTISM Treatment in Hyderabad india

Autism is a disorder affecting neural development  where the  children  show impaired social action and communication. They show repetitive and restricted actions and mannerisms. The children seem to be unaware of the surroundings  and fail to respond to sights, sounds and actions of the social world.

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They will be having low I.Q, but some will be with normal also.

There may be seizures, anxiety, motor and sensory abnormality, sleep disturbances, digestion problems, immune dysfunctions  etc.


Autism has a strong genetic base. Sometimes it is affected with other reasons for congenital birth defects. Other proposed theories are related with environmental hazards, heavy metals, strong pesticides , vaccination etc., which lack convincing evidences

Several studies lead to synaptic dysfunction as a cause of autism.


In Autism, unlike other conditions  related to brain , does not have a clear unifying mechanism at either the molecular, cellular, or systems level. Neuroanatomical studies strongly suggest that alteration the brain development associated with autism starts immediately after the conception.Just after birth, the brains of autistic children tend to grow faster than usual, followed by normal or relatively slower growth in childhood.

Although most children with autism are diagnosed before they are 3 years old, the new studies suggest that delays in brain development is there which continues to adolescence That is the brain of the autistic child develops more slowly in the critical period of learning and self establishment  .

autism treatment in hyderabad

The white matter connections for language and social skills are getting developed  very slowly in autistic child. The unused cells are not properly trimmed away from the putamen,  helping in learning, and Anterior cingulate , helping in cognitive and emotional processing .So the cells are connected to their  nearby useless cells and not connected to the important cells.

This means the brain regions where growth rates were found to be the most altered are associated with the problems autistic children most often struggle with — social impairment, communication deficits and repetitive behavior.


Stem cell therapy is a latest, safe, novel and effective approach to treat the autism. The  unique capacity  of stem cells to differentiate into other cells and the multiply can influence the metabolism, immune system and restoration damaged cells and tissues.

Stem cell treatment improves blood and oxygen flow to the brain (improved perfusion), replaces damaged neurons and stimulates formation of the new arteries. As gradually they multiply to develop more cells to increase  the grey and  white matter , they can subside the symptoms and restore the intellectual capacity.

The early detection will result to stare the treatment  and to give the improvement as early as possible.

This can be boosted up with proper diet, education and exercise.