Alzheimer’s  disease is the most common type of dementia. Most often it is identified only above the age of 65. Even though the symptoms vary from person to person, the common  starting symptoms include difficulty in remembering  recent events along with stress. It affects the thinking power, behavior and memory, and worsens with time.

CausationAlzheimer's disease treatment stem cell therapy hyderabad india

The Cause is still unknown, and in some it is described as due to genetic differences.

– The oldest one is ‘cholinergic hypothesis’ which says AD is caused by reduced synthesis of neurotransmitter  acetyl choline. As the medicine intended to treat the deficiency was not that much effective,  the treatment on this basis not went in the right way.

-The other one was of large scale accumulation of  amyloid , resulting in neuro inflammation. But again it is found that this deposits  are not related with neuron loss.

-The other theory says that The tau proteins make neuro fibrillary tangles inside the nerve cell leading to collapse and destruction of nerve cells. This results in malfunction of neuron transport system and eventually death of the cells.

-Another theory says that it may be due age related myelin destruction which disturbs transport and the iron released  leads to further damage

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