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Stem cell therapy is the introduction of new adult stem cells into the body or to the particular organ to repair the damage. As the cells are replicated into healthy cells, this can be used for many diseases including organ damages. Medical science believes that the stem cell therapy in the near future itself will be able to cure cancer,  diabetes ,  cardiac failure, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s diseases, Muscle and bone damage, neurological disorders , hormone imbalances, infertility, deafness, auto immune diseases etc..


Stem Cells are undifferentiated , potent cells, which can replicate themselves and differentiate into other cells also. They can transform  into any type of cells like that of blood, heart, brain, bone, skin, muscles,  retina, kidney etc. They self-renew themselves while maintaining the capacity to develop into  any of these cells.

Types of Stem Cells

Pluripotent stem cellsStem cell therapy india hyderabad


These are having the potential to divide for long periods and differentiate into almost any other cells of the body.

The best known PS cells are  the one  present in the embryo, which help the baby to grow in the womb.  These are called as embryonic stem cells. These are formed in the inner layer of the blastocytes, and forms all the tissues of the fetus.

The positive uses of pluripotent stem cells are enormous, as it can give hope in the cure of many diseases.  But new researches  and ethical challenges must be taken into account to avail the complete benefits to the patient.

The cells Can be collected from the embryos of terminated pregnancy or from in vitro fertilization clinics.

Fetal Stem Cells

These are taken from  fetus,  and  show the features of the organ from which it has taken.  That is if the cells are taken from muscles, they will grow into muscle cells only.

Adult Stem Cells

These are obtained from tissues of the Adult body. The main sources are bone marrow, blood and  fat.
These are used as alternative for fetal and embryonic stem cells. The same person can be the donor and receptor at the same time. They are otherwise called as autologus stem cells.

But if the disease is genetic in nature, the stem cells should be from other sources , as the same cells carry same genetic code.

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