Cerebral Palsy

CEREBRAL PALSYCerebral palsy treatment in hyderabad india

Cerebral palsy is a permanent physical  disability caused by damage to the developing brain.The damage is caused sometimes inside the womb itself, or during or shortly after the delivery . It is often accompanied by seizures, impaired movement, speaking, hearing, eyesight, lack of coordination and mental underdevelopment.


-Infections like German measles, cytomegalo viruses,  viral encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, bacterial meningitis,  chicken pox

-Accidents or a Fall met with the other during pregnancy, or by the infant during early days leading to brain damage.

-Exposure to radiation like X-Ray, chemicals, or poisonous gas.

-Complications of pregnancy leading to hypoxia to brain.

-Complications of delivery leading to brain damage.

-Anaemia and improper nutrition.

-Abnormal placenta, umbilical cord around the neck, neonatal breathing disorders, nuclear jaundice, and intracranial hemorrhage due to birth trauma can also cause Cerebral Palsy.

SymptomsCerbral plasy treatment in hyderabad india

Absence of muscle synchronization during voluntary movements.

Exaggerated reflex responses with muscle stiffening,Motor dysfunction, Abnormal muscle tone and reflexes, Bone deformities, Contractures, Spasms or other involuntary movements (e.g., facial gestures), Unsteady gait, Problems with balance, Soft tissue consisting of decreased muscle mass, Scissoring gait and toe walking,

Secondary conditions associated with Cerebral Palsy may include the following:, Seizures, epilepsy, Speech or communication disorders, Eating problems, Sensory impairments, Mental retardation, Learning disabilities, Behavioral disorders