SIRI (Serum Induced Regenerative Infusion)

SIRI, is a non-invasive skin treatment, which is the fruitful outcome of combination of cosmetic and medical science, for the rejuvenation and renewal of skin. It will help in improving the glow and brightness of the skin and in reducing wrinkles and pigmentation.Face treatment siri treatment for skin and face glow treatment best face glow treatent in hyderabad

Useful For The Treatment of

  • Acne and Pimples
  • Aged and Wrinkled Skin
  • Body Polishing and Rejuvenation
  • Dull and Dry skin
  • Pigmentation and Tanning
  • Skin Tightening and  Brightening

Method of Rejuvenating Action

The treatment with serum acts mainly in two steps.

The first step:-  After analyzing the skin to find out the damage, pigmentation  and aging  of the skin, the physician decides the nature of the serums which will  be perfect  for the particular skin.

After cleansing the skin, the first serum is applied on to the skin in a high pressure, to cleanse and exfoliate the damaged upper layer of epidermis. This serum contains epidermal lysing factors, which will dissolve the upper layer of skin tissues and will make the way for the second phase of rejuvenating serum  to penetrate deep.

The Second  Step:- The Rejuvenating serum is used for the next step of the treatment.  It can easily permeate through the next layer of the skin to stimulate the cell growth and activate renewal. The collagen production will be getting enhanced and makes the skin tighten and brighten.

The serum is a magical  fusion of vitamins, essential amino acids, antioxidants and stem cells, enriched with added growth factors.

The unique combination of these constituents are carefully prepared to act as nutrients for mitochondria, as the lack of energy make them to signal for signs of damage and aging .

After the completion of serum therapy the skin  is patted and cleaned, to make it ready to receive the relaxing effect of a suitable face mask which will help the serum activated cells to get more nutrition and moisture. When the mask is dried and become stiff, the skin is again cleaned and cold  wave therapy is given to close the pores on the it. This will be followed by a Galvanic therapy with Fruit Stem Cell Cream, to make the rejuvenation maximum.


  • Decreases acne and acne marks
  • Makes the skin fairer and brighter
  • Reduces Skin Tanning and Pigmentation
  • The Skin appears Younger and Healthier
  • Tightens the skin, making it more elastic

The serums, used in the treatment of SIRI, are a mixture of Unique bioactive formula . The contents used in the serum help in exfoliating the damaged layer of the skin and in making  the skin refreshed and renewed.

The Serum used in the first phase of treatment contains Carbomers , Epidermal Lysing  Factors, Stem cells enriched with growth factors, Epidermal Growth Factors, Aqua distillata  etc.


A Carbomer  is a homopolymer of acrylic  acid. They have a number of uses in skin care. It has the capacity to hold the water content and, this property helps in keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized when it is applied topically. As an emulsion stabilizer, carbomers keep oils or creams suspended in water and prevent separation. As they will not support bacterial growth it will prevent the infections from outside. It  is hypo-allergenic to almost all the skin types.

Epidermal Lysing Factors

These are the active particles which help in the exfoliation of the upper layer of epidermis making it clear and free of damaged and destructed cells. The accumulated dead cells and dirt fragments from uppermost layer of the skin will get dissolved in this part of the serum. This will allow the rejuvenating constituents to penetrate deep into the deeper cells and layers.

Epidermal Growth Factors

These are the activated growth factors added to the serum for the stimulation of epidermal cells. The cells will be possessing a high potency for  rejuvenation and renewal as it is boosted up with growth factors. This will help the cells to refresh and pave the way for smoother and glowing skin.

The serum used in the second phase contains more rejuvenating fragments. They are Stem Cells, Skin  Matrix TM, Wonder Light TM,  

Skin Matrix TM

It is a tri retinol compound containing three forms of  vitamin A. It  is the skin repair agent which will increases collagen and elastin in the skin.  This will improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It repairs sun damaged skin.

Wonder Light TM

It helps in decreasing the skin signs of aging and stress, like pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. It interacts with both keratinocytes and melanocytes by blocking signaling pathways involved in the melanin synthesis. The skin will get lightened and brightened.


 Dermonyl  moisturizes and gives skin nourishment required for renewal. The dullness and dryness of the skin will decline, giving the skin a more vibrant and revitalized appearance.