Colon Hydrotherapy


Colon hydrotherapy is a method of detoxifyingabdominal-fat-reduction-clinic-jubilee hills-hyderabad -150x150 the human body of all harmful components accumulated within. It also goes by the names of colon cleansing, colonic irrigation or only colonic. The human body is a factory of numerous chemical processes going on simultaneously. All our body systems function together in a coordinated manner to help carry out these processes smoothly.  Many toxic substances get generated in our body as a result of these processes. Again all our body systems come together and work towards discarding these toxic elements from the body before they end up harming any organs or systems. Our digestive system is one of the most important systems performing this function.  Whatever food we consume is assimilated, nutrition is absorbed, and the unimportant or indigestible partof the food gets converted into fecal matter. This fecal matter is also toxic and eliminating it from the body is solely a task of the large intestine. It is the colon where the fecal matter is actually formed.

It is believed by some, that since the fecal matter is generated and passes through the colon, there is always some amount of this matter lining the walls of the colon. This in turn makes the absorptive capacity of the colon poor which results in poor nutritional absorption. This creates the need for artificial cleansing of the colon which is achieved by colon hydrotherapy. The procedure is quite simple. The patient is asked to lie down comfortably. A speculum is introduced into the colon and warm water is injected inside. All the accumulated waste matter included feces, mucus, other debris is then gently drawn out of the colon via a tube. Here, the hydrotherapy method differs from an enema. The enema also involves injection of water into the colon, but there the water is retained into the colon and then voluntary ejected by the patient into the toilet. In hydrotherapy however, the patient has to take no efforts to remove the colonic debris.  It gets removed during the process itself.

The main indicative factor for colon hydrotherapy has been explained above. In simple language, it is just a way of cleaning the intestine of all the garbage accumulated inside. Health conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, chronic constipation, recurrent intestinal infections, recurrent fevers, recurrent bouts of diarrhea, colitis, abdominal atony, toxemia are some examples which may benefit to an extent with colon hydrotherapy. It is an excellent form of alternative therapy apart from administration of medication and surgery. Undergoing this procedure clears the gut of all its debris and promotes formation and flourishing of abdominal flora. However, it is to be remembered that undergoing colon hydrotherapy too often or for a long time can lead to reduction of normal gut flora which in turn could lead to a number of other health conditions. Colon hydrotherapy is also of great help if performed prior to sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy or barium studies, as it rids the intestine of any accumulated flatus or fecal matter thus allowing a clearer view for studying the intestine. As much as there are many conditions which are indicators for colon hydrotherapy. There are also several health conditions which are strong contra-indicators for this therapy. It is strictly to be avoided in case of pregnant women specially during the advanced stages of pregnancy. Other such conditions are anal fissures, bleeding hemorrhoids, carcinoma of colon or lower portion of intestine, abdominal hernia, recent surgery of the lower portion of intestine, to name a few.

The aftermath of colon hydrotherapy is quite interesting. It has been observed that after undergoing colon hydrotherapy people find it easy to lose weight. There are multiple reasons for it. As a most instant after effect of a colonic, people tend to feel lighter due to the fact that a lot of waste and intestinal debris has been cleared. After a colonic, the intestinal walls are cleaner and a better surface area is available for digestion. Also fiber which is consumed through the food that is eaten can be digested better. These two factors are associated with better food digestion and thus regulating the fat metabolism. Thus these factors serve the dual purpose of improving the digestive functions of the intestine and aiding in weight loss. Another important consequence of a colonic is that the intestinal flora flourishes in a better and healthier environment. This also leads to better digestion and thus, enhances essential weight loss.  Post colon hydrotherapy, the intestinal movement also becomes regulated. Thus gases generated during digestion do not get accumulated but are expelled from the body. Due to this the bloated and packed sensation can be avoided resulting in the person feeling better and lighter.  Regulated bowel movements are one of the after effects of colon hydrotherapy which also are a blessing for people who have chronic constipation issue. The detoxification which takes place post a colonic helps a person to feel energetic and increases his work capacity.

Colon hydrotherapy is fast emerging as a preferred mode of alternative therapy. However it must be used with judiciously after considering every case individually and after going through all pros and cons.